Thanksgiving travelers pack Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport Wednesday

You'll have a lot of company if you're flying for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. AAA predicts more than 82,000 Wisconsinites will fly to get to their holiday destination.

There was a steady stream of passengers at Mitchell International Airport Wednesday morning .
Wait times to get through the security check point ranged from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

The TSA is reminding travelers to arrive 2 hours before their flight, brace for crowds, and pack smart. 

And there are some recent security changes in place that some travelers are likely to notice. 
Topping the list is a new requirement by the Transportation Security Administration that all electronics larger than a cellphone must be removed from carry-on bags from screening. Fliers will be required to place these items in separate bins to go through scanning.

"We're slowly phasing in this program. It's a special screening and will be up and fully running in May of 2018. Right now, you'll see it periodically at Mitchell," said Frank Pipia with the TSA.

Eligible fliers selected to use the Pre-Check lines will be exempt, but all fliers should pack knowing that it's possible these devices might have to be removed for screening. 

According to the TSA, the busiest day at the airport for the Thanksgiving weekend will be Sunday, November 26.

Nearly 2.88 million people are expected to take a flight across the country. 

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