Tents fill the lakefront ahead of Sunday's fireworks

'You got to do it big or go home'
Posted at 10:02 AM, Jul 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-03 11:02:32-04

MILWAUKEE -- Veterans park was filled with campers Saturday night. They've pitched their tents and laid claim to prime real estate for Sunday's big show. Beautiful weather has certainly had a hand in that.

"You got to do it big or go home," Natasha Lindo said.

First came the work. Lindo said it took her group three hours to set up their site .And then, it was time to relax.

Wayne Yoelker roped off his section at 6 a.m., even securing a picnic table to a tree.

"You really wouldn't think you know just for one day, you know you only live 20 minutes away, you got all that you know but," Voelker said.

By late afternoon, families and tents filled Veterans Park. The weather was a big hit for Leanna Kiselicka. She drove up from Chicago to fly a kite with her niece and nephew.

"When you hit July it's really hot and humid but it's kind of perfect and with the lake breeze as well, it's really comfortable," Kiselicka said.

Nice weather helped things run smoothly at Jones Island where they are setting up Sunday's big fireworks display.

"There's a total of over 7,000 individual devices that will be lifted during the display in total between the three barges. The sizes of shells that will be shot on here range up to and including ten inches in diameter," said Matt Newhouse of J and M Displays.

They are all fired electronically.

"Where shells of similar types that compliment each other can be lifted from one time from multiple locations. I find a lot of satisfaction in hearing the crowd's reaction at the end of the display," Newhouse said.

A little advice, if you don't already have a spot staked out for Sunday, give yourself plenty of time to get down to the lake and consider carpooling or public transportation.

The show's set to begin at 9:30 Sunday night.