Teens climbed church roof searching for Pokémon

Brown Deer Police issue warning to teens
Posted at 3:51 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 17:57:40-04

Two teens received a warning from Brown Deer Police after authorities say they were climbing a church’s roof looking for Pokémon.

Police received a tip from a caller Monday that two 16-year-old males were trespassing. 

The incident occurred near the intersection of North 64 th St. and W. Dean Rd.

“The males stated that they were playing Pokémon Go and were looking for creatures,” police said in a written statement.

Brad Caddock with the Brown Deer Police Department said, "we got an anonymous call of two kids on the roof of a church so we sent officers to check it out.''

Police say the 2 teens got onto the roof of The United Church of Christ near 64th and West Dean Road. Police say the boys admitted they were playing Pokemon Go.

"They said they were looking for characters in regard to the Pokemon Go game. They were warned about trespassing and obviously they shouldn't be on a roof.  There's a huge safety risk for them being up there," said Caddock.

Right now, police are sending out a warning to all players to use common sense and keep one eye on the real world while they play.

Chandler Hardin was using the app in Brown Deer on Wednesday. Our cameras were there when she crossed the road.

"I looked up once. I saw there were no cars," said Hardin.

Her mom Tina disagrees and says  her daughter was distracted. 

"Yeah, I noticed she didn't look when she crossed the street. She didn't look both ways. We're going to have a conversation about that," says Tina Royalty.

"We want teens to enjoy the game and have fun,  but people need to use situational awareness and know there surroundings," said Caddock.

Police are warning players to stay alert, as it appears this game is taking over the world .