Teenage gang member charged in Racine man's shooting death

Posted: 8:33 PM, Aug 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-09 01:33:34Z

A 17-year-old gang member has been charged in the shooting death of a Racine man.

Rytrell Earl faces five charges in connection to the death of Deshaun Jordan, 20.

According to the criminal complaint, Earl is a known member of the Northside for Life gang. In surveillance video when Jordan was killed, a white Impala with black rims turns into the alley near 16th Street and Phillips Avenue. An officer identified the vehicle as Earl's and went to where he lives. The vehicle was behind the home.

Police said Earl had messages on his phone asking someone for 9mm ammunition because he was going out. Police found 9mm casings 50 yards from Jordan's body as well as one 45mm casing.

Earl told police he had a 9mm gun and says one of his friends had another gun but didn't know the caliber.

Earl told police he turned into the alley and saw a group of six to seven men walking towards him. He says he thought they had a gun and started firing at the group, though he says they never shot at him.

Jordan was with four friends at the time. They said they were walking back from a fish fry when an unknown person started shooting at them. Jordan was struck in the head and one other friend was hit in the elbow and grazed in the stomach but got away.

A memorial was up in the alley where Jordan took his last breath. Messages of remembrance and love were on the white wall with balloons and poster board.

Friends and family came by the location all day to write new messages and tell stories of Jordan. They said he was a good kid and not involved in anything illegal. Police said Jordan was not a member of a gang.

Friends are still struggling to comprehend what happened but said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"It's just so sad," said Faith Penza, a friend of Jordan's. "It's just sad people have to take a life like that. It's just crazy. It's really unreal. He was just a sweet kid. He was a real sweet guy. He was always there when I needed him."

"I really don't believe this was meant for him," said Corey Chambliss, who is engaged to Jordan's cousin. "It was targeting someone he was with and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's what's really sad."