Teen suspects accused of throwing rock at woman

Posted at 10:04 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 23:18:01-04

MILWAUKEE -- A woman was driving on the north side when something flew through her window.  Ester Riva Milchtein thought she had been shot.

"It sounded like there was an explosion and I had a very terrible pain in my shoulder," explained Ester Riva Milchtein.

Milchtein had just dropped her daughter off at a party.  She was driving near 31st and Fond du Lac Avenue. 

"I guess I had the sense not to stop the car right there because I thought I really thought that I had been shot." 

She drove two blocks and called 911.

"They asked me if I was bleeding and I said I'm afraid to look," said Milchtein. 

When Ester looked she wasn't bleeding.  She found a rock in her passenger seat and glass everywhere.

"I was so hurt at the same time.  Why do people do this?  Why would they do this to me?" 

Police say six victims reported damage to their vehicles near the same area Saturday between 9:30pm and 9:50pm.  Two teenage boys were seen throwing rocks into traffic on top of the bridge.  If you have any information, call police.