Ted Cruz drops by Milwaukee's Sobelman's

Ted Cruz drops by Milwaukee's Sobelman's
Posted at 1:39 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 15:09:58-04

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz continued his tour around Wisconsin Tuesday, visiting Sobelman's restaurant in Milwaukee.

As for the most important question, did he did indulge in a Bloody Mary the restaurant is famous for?

He and supporter, former candidate Carly Fiorina, were presented with one, but both declined, Cruz saying it was "too early for one."

Cruz was fresh off an endorsement from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker earlier in the morning. 

"Governor Walker's endorsement is a big, big deal and I'm really humbled and I'm honored. Scott Walker is a strong, principled conservative who has impressed people nationwide with his strong leadership here in the state of Wisconsin, we've seen unemployment go down, we've seen jobs growing," Cruz told TMJ4 from his campaign bus.

"When Scott Walker stood up and took on the union bosses, and millons of men and women across Wisconsin stood with him, that really inspired people all across America, it inspired me. It showed what can happen when people stand up against the special interests."

With 42 delegates on the line in the April 5 primary, Wisconsin is a critical test for Cruz to win the delegates he needs to overtake Donald Trump and secure the nomination.

As for their Sobelman's order, Cruz got a Sobelman's burger and Fiorina ordered a grilled cheese and fried pickles.

While waiting for the food they talked to restaurant patrons and Sobelman's workers.

There was a slightly heated moment when a reporter asked Cruz if he planned to make Fiorina his vice president if elected. Fiorina warned against putting the cart before the horse, saying the focus is on getting Cruz elected first.

Ted Cruz Facebook Live Interview (begins 23 minutes in)


Ted Cruz pulling up to Sobelman's

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