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Team of the Week: Brookfield Central Lancers

Both teams were scoreless, until the opening minute of the fourth quarter.
Posted at 6:33 PM, Sep 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-01 19:33:32-04

In case you haven't heard, Brookfield Central is here to play.

"We're gonna come out with some stuff and they just got to be ready," says Anthony Mack, senior Lancer and defensive back.

"Last year we were 4-7. That's not us anymore, we're back and we're playing Brookfield Central football. I think it was kinda, we wanted a statement game," says Drew Edmond, Lancer quarterback.

Week 2, a statement was exactly what the Lancers made, trading blows with the Pewaukee Pirates.

"Motivation, we have a good group of guys so we just keep telling each other we can do it and we persevered through it," says Anthony.

Both teams were scoreless, until the opening minute of the fourth quarter.

"Obviously, our defense was keeping us in the game. So we felt like if we could get one, they [the defense] were going to shut them out," says Drew.

That's when the Lancers broke through, giving their defense the green light to throw the final punch and turn the lights off in Pewaukee.

"Adrenaline for sure. We just kept going out there, playing hard and we got a little boost. The offense was hyping defense, the defense was hyping up the offense," says Anthony.

"From the outside perspective, a lot of people wrote us off considering what happened last year. But I can say from inside the program that this is what we expected to happen and we are excited about what we have," says Drew.

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