Teacher sentenced to 15 years for sexually assaulting student

Elementary school teacher touched student 50 times
Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 15:11:37-04

An MPS teacher who sexually assaulted a student was sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday.

According to a criminal complaint filed in May, Timothy Malloy, a teacher at Whitman Elementary School, assaulted and inappropriately touched the student at least 50 times. 

Prosecutors said the assaults began in September 2013 and continued until June 2016. 

The female student is now 15 years old and was 11 when the assaults first started.    

Malloy, 50, was found guilty last month after entering a no contest plea to 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. 

"Over the past 5 years, Tim caused me irreversible and traumatic pain," the victim told the court Thursday before Malloy was sentenced. "He has robbed me of my childhood."  

She told Judge Jeffrey Wagner she was so distraught over what happened to her that she attempted suicide in February. 

"Tim pushed me to the point of no longer wanting to be alive," the teen said. 

The girl's mother said Malloy taught three of her children, including the victim, and their family greatly trusted him. 

"Tim was methodically and maliciously grooming our entire family on a daily basis," the victim's mother said. "It takes a sick person to look me in the face, to look my family in the face, and to be doing what he was doing to my daughter." 

Malloy's attorney said he's very remorseful. 

"This is 100 percent on Mr. Malloy's shoulders and he understands that," defense attorney Ryan Harrington said. "He takes full responsibility for that." 

Harrington added Malloy was drinking heavily, depressed and in "a dark place" when the assaults began.  

"He's now 158 days sober," Harrington said. 

Malloy apologized to the victim and her family before he was sentenced. 

"I've caused anxiety, sadness and hurt to a lot of people," Malloy said. "For that, I'm truly sorry." 

"She trusted me as a teacher, and I failed her deeply," Malloy added. "My sincere hope is that my actions won't cause her to struggle in future relationships." 

Malloy also apologized to his own wife, who has filed for divorce, and his two children. 

"I also have great remorse and humility for how my actions impacted my wife and family," he said.

Malloy's sentence also carries 10 years of extended supervision. 

MPS say Malloy has been terminated from his position.