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Tax season is here: What you need to know

Local agent offers advice for filing this year
Posted at 7:07 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 20:07:32-05

MILWAUKEE, WI - Tax season is here, and Monday the IRS officially started taking returns. 

“When you’re always taking care of something on time or before time you never can go wrong," LL Kates said. 

“It’s best to get it out of the way," Stephen Toliver said. 

It's sound advice that even the experts stand behind.

“File as soon as you can," John Klein said. "As soon as you have all your documents."

Klein is an enrolled agent at Klein Tax Service, and said filling early is always key, but there are also a couple of things taxpayers should keep in mind this year. 

“People that are claiming the earned income credit and the additional child tax credit will probably have to wait a little bit longer to get their money," Klein said. 

According to Klein, that’s because this year the IRS has to hold those refunds until Feb. 15 and anyone claiming those refunds probably won’t get their money until the end of February. 

Klein also confirmed the new tax bill (which recently passed) won't affect taxpayers until next year.