Sussex churches relieved following Joseph Jabukowski arrest

Churches had received threatening letters
Posted at 10:22 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 23:29:38-04

Even though many in Wisconsin are feeling better with the capture of Joseph Jakubowski, the Village of Sussex is still facing a threat.

Sussex churches were on alert after learning law enforcement said a letter sent to area churches threatening violence on Easter Sunday was not from Jakubowski and police say they are still considering it a credible threat. 

Joseph Jabukowski was taken into custody Friday morning in Vernon County. 

"You know it makes you nervous," said Kelly Retzak on what the young mom felt when she heard of the letter.

At first, police thought it could be tied to fugitive Jakubowski but now they say it came from someone else.

It was mailed to the Ace Hardware in Sussex. The manager, Mike LeDonne, said the letter shook up his workers when they opened it.

"In the letter it stated, "this was not a joke and the Sussex churches needed to look out because it was going to be a bloody Easter Sunday," LeDonne said.

Churches around Sussex have stood together. They said they will not cancel Easter service. But they do feel better with Jakubowski in custody.

"We are also relieved the county sheriff's department is still taking the threat seriously and is taking steps to assure safety," said Pastor Thomas Kent who is the president of the Cooperating Churches in Sussex.

Everyone though is asking the same questions.

"If it wasn't written by him who did it? Why would they do it?" LeDonne said.

"Why Sussex of all places?" Kent said.

And most people say they won't feel better until  they get those answers.

"Still on guard all the time. You know you move out to these areas thinking you are safe from all this stuff and you're not untouchable out here," Retzakas said as she walked away carrying her one-month-old son.

The manager of Ace Hardware thinks the reason they got the letter is because they are directly across from the police station.

Police say they will step up enforcement on Easter Day.