Suspect poses as Milwaukee police officer, steals someone's gun

Police issue warning to be vigilant

Milwaukee residents are urged to be on the alert for two individuals posing as police officers, pretending to patrol city streets and targeting unsuspecting drivers.

Milwaukee police confirm a phony officer pulled a driver over on the city's south side Monday night, checked their license and concealed carry permit, then stole their registered gun. It happened on Oklahoma Avenue, near 18th Street.

The fake cop wasn't alone. He was with someone, and they went to great lengths to pull this off.

"It doesn't cross your mind to even assume someone would pretend to be a police officer," said Lorenzo Bryant, who lives in the area.

The impostors even had flashing red lights on their car.

"Those criminals are getting crafty, I guess if they're able to do that," Bryant said.

The incident happened a few blocks from the Milwaukee Police District Six station.

"It's kind of scary that you can't trust people," neighbor Charles Jones said.

"Just what the city needs, another gun on the streets," Jones says.

Jones said he recently was put in a dangerous situation while driving.

"A car sideswiped me, so naturally I pulled over to the side of the road," he said. "The next thing I know, five guys got out of the car. One punched me. They tried to steal my wallet. What could I do?"

Esperanza Gutierrez, who's lived in this area for 20 years, says criminals have impersonated officers here before. 

"You should know your rights, and always check, is there a name on their uniform?" Gutierrez said. "They have to identify themselves. Do they have a badge or some sort of identification?"

Unfortunately, Milwaukee Police do not have a good description of the suspects.

But police say if you are pulled over, it's your right to ask to see the officers badge, ID card, or ask to speak with a supervisor. If you ever feel unsafe, or that something is just not right, keep driving to the nearest police station.

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