Suspect on the loose after police chase, crash in Brown Deer

Suspect on the loose after police chase, crash
Posted at 12:38 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 19:21:13-04

BROWN DEER -- Brown Deer police are looking for the public's help in finding a high-speed car chase suspect. 

Sunday night, police say they pulled over Ronnie Farrow, 37, for a busted tail light. The officer believed Farrow was giving false information about his identity so they used a wireless fingerprint device to positively identify Farrow. 

In the dashcam video, the officer walked back to his vehicle to process the information and Farrow took off in his car. About a minute later, he crashed into two cars at the intersection of Good Hope Road and Teutonia Avenue.

"Speeds were quick," said Nick Andersen, a Brown Deer patrol officer. "Obviously the driver didn't show much regard for public safety, entering the intersection on the red light, causing the accident. Scary being involved in something like that." 

In the video, Farrow runs from the car through a Walgreens parking lot. The officer followed through the parking lot and Farrow hopped a fence. Police were unable to find him. 

"There is a certain level of frustration anytime someone gets away," Andersen said. "Our officers are good at what they do. Going back through information they received on scene, we'll handle it like anytime someone is not on scene waiting for us."

There were no serious injuries from the three-car crash, something police know was a likely possibility.

"Good Hope is about 40 mph at that time of night," Andersen said. "Traffic flowing at that and a t-bone crash at 40 mph, it looked pretty severe. But no one sustained any life-threatening injuries."

Farrow, a convicted felon, had a warrant for a probation violation. Police say he is 5'7, 156 lbs and has two tattoos; one on his left upper arm that says, "Playa for Real" and another on his right upper arm that says, "Hate me later." Police say they don't have reason to believe he is armed.