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Teen charged with attempted homicide in stabbing of Oshkosh West school resource officer

Cash bond was set at $1 million
Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 23:56:30-05

OSHKOSH (NBC 26) -- A criminal complaint identifies Grant A. Fuhrman as the suspect accused of stabbing a school resource officer at Oshkosh West High School on December 3.

Fuhrman is accused of stabbing Officer Michael Wissink with a barbeque fork, according to the criminal complaint. The complaint also says Fuhrman has a history of violence and made concerning posts on Snapchat before the attack.

In the criminal complaint filed Wednesday, Wisconsin's Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation was requested to respond to Oshkosh West High School at around 9:45 a.m. December 3. Investigators received information that a student had stabbed the school resource officer in the neck and the officer had subsequently shot the student. Both the officer and student were taken to the hospital.

Another Oshkosh Police Officer assigned as a school resource officer, Officer J. Gogo, stated in the criminal complaint he was at an expulsion hearing when he heard "I need help now!" over the police radio. As Officer Gogo ran to his patrol car, he heard "Shots fired!" over the radio, from Officer Wissink. Officer Gogo entered Wissink's office, the complaint said, and saw Fuhrman laying on his stomach and Wissink on top with his knees on Furhman's back.

"I'm shot, he shot me," Fuhrman is recorded saying in the criminal complaint.

As Officer Wissink was being taken to the hospital, the criminal complaint states Wissink told Officer Gogo, "Gogo, I was just talking to him and he started stabbing me."

Officer Gogo stated the he found a bloodied barbecue fork with two prongs under Wissink's office chair.

The complaint details the investigation into Fuhrman, which stated he made a couple of posts on social media before his confrontation with Officer Wissink. One Snapchat post attributed to Fuhrman had the caption, "Today's the day". The complaint also says an Instagram picture apparently showed a picture of Fuhrman with the caption, "this kid not right."

While some teachers reported good behavior from Fuhrman before the incident, the complaint also notes that Fuhrman had allegedly made a statement a couple of months ago about attacking Officer Wissink and taking his gun. The complaint also said Fuhrman had gotten in trouble for allegedly shooting up cars with a BB gun. The complaint said Fuhrman was also a student in the Emotional Behavior Disability program at school and had reportedly been taking Adderall since kindergarten. Fuhrman stated in the complaint he stopped taking Adderall his Sophomore year and started taking it again about 2 to 3 weeks before the confrontation with Officer Wissink. According to the complaint, a friend told investigators that Fuhrman had a history of violence and had previously gotten into fights.

The criminal complaint features a statement from Officer Wissink, who told investigators that Fuhrman entered his office on December 3 and asked him to look up something about one of Fuhrman's cases. As Officer Wissink was looking up information on a computer, his back turned to Fuhrman, the criminal complaint said Fuhrman began attacking Wissink, stabbing him with a fork. The complaint said Wissink was unable to grab his taser, so he drew his firearm, firing two shots. Officer Wissink believed he hit Fuhrman and his own left forearm, according to the complaint.

Fuhrman went to the ground and Wissink kneeled on Fuhrman to keep him down, the complaint said. Wissink then called for help and asked for a torniquet.

In the complaint, Wissink said he had a good relationship with Fuhrman before the incident.

The complaint also featured a statement from Fuhrman who stated he was having "bad thoughts" and kept thinking about wanting to take Officer Wissink's gun and hold it. The criminal complaint states Fuhrman said he didn't want Officer Wissink to die, but he wanted to get Wissink's gun. The complaint said Fuhrman stated he didn't know what he was going to do with the gun when he got it. Fuhrman said in the criminal complaint that it was nothing personal and now that the incident was over he felt bad.

Fuhrman made an initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon. Cash bond was set at $1 million. If convicted, he faces a possible 60-year sentence, with 40 years in confinement and 20 years extended supervision.