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Suspect in custody after injuring innocent people in crash near 40th & Capitol

Posted at 6:16 PM, Sep 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-26 19:16:45-04

Another case of reckless driving lead police on a chase in Milwaukee Wednesday night, injuring innocent people in the process. Residents say they’re fed up.

Milwaukee police said officers saw a 20-year-old driver speeding in a minivan by 60th and Burleigh at 8:06 p.m. They also realized the car matched the description of one that was stolen.

Officers tried to stop him, but he kept going and led them on a chase for more than 11 miles until he crashed at 40th and Capitol. In the process, he hit a car at 38th, injuring those inside.

Eventually, police took the driver into custody after a short foot chase. Officers recovered a gun from the minivan.

Traci Wilbert heard the minivan run into a curb feet from her home.

“I thought somebody maybe ran into a house like pow,” Wilbert said. “We saw the van smoking and the alarm going off.”

Kimani Winfield, who also lives in the neighborhood, said at this point the reckless driving in the city is an epidemic.

“It’s troubling because it’s starting to get closer and closer to home,” Winfield said. “Capitol is more like a highway than a street.”

He, like others in the community, including Graylan Morris, are scared to walk on the sidewalk.

“I hope that they slow down and realize the danger they’re putting other people in,” Morris said.

The solution remains unclear, but Winfield has one wish.

“My hope is that we actually fix the problem instead of just talking about it,” Winfield said.

Police said the suspect remains in custody. No word on what charges he will face or the conditions of those injured.