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Suspect arrested in homicide near Marquette's campus

Posted at 8:19 PM, Apr 03, 2019

Milwaukee police have arrested a suspect who allegedly killed a man near Marquette University's campus Friday.

Dominic Long, 29, was arrested Saturday for the murder of an unnamed man and the intention to kill another man.

According to the criminal complaint, Long said he never knew the man he killed but saw him sleeping on the steps of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Long then grabbed a
large cinder block and proceeded to strike the man approximately 10 times.

Long told authorities the murder was “a job [he] had to do,” and that he “just felt that [he] had to take him out."

As for the second attack, Long got into a fight with the second man and hit him in the head with a large rock and also a large stick. After the man failed to fight back, Long said he left.

Video evidence of the attack and a confession from the second victim lead authorities to Long's arrest.

Long was charged with first degree intentional homicide and attempted first degree intentional homicide.