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Surveying the damage after the Washington County tornado

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 10, 2018

The National Weather Service surveyed the aftermath of Washington County's tornado from Wednesday.

NWS found the storm did minimal structural damage, but major damage to some trees in the southeastern region.

Large pine and hardwood trees were uprooted and mangled because of the storm. The good news is no serious injuries have been reported.

Marcia Cronce, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service, found the damage to be spotty but also telling.  Cronce says NWS surveys the area by putting plots of the damage scenes on a map to track the intensity and path of the tornado. 

"It's impressive...with just tree damage and very minimal structure damage. So, this would be a very weak end tornado," said Cronce. 

Joanne Andress' home was in the tornado's path. Luckily, her house and trees were untouched. On Wednesday, she says she got an alert on her phone about the storm and immediately took her family to the basement.  Andress was surprised the storm only lasted a few seconds. 

"We just said a rosary and came back up and it was bright and sunny," said Andress. 

It is early for tornadoes here in southeastern Wisconsin, says Cronce, but tornadoes can happen at any time. It's just more likely they'll touchdown during June and July.