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Survey: Many support eliminating tipping at restaurants

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 19:43:54-05

Some people are O.K. with paying more for a meal if it means they don't have to leave a tip.

According to a new survey,  43 percent of people want to eliminate tipping in favor of higher menu prices. 

Not everyone agrees. The same survey shows 33 percent of people hate the idea.

"I would rather leave the tip because it's going to the workers instead of the restaurant as a whole," 
said Claire Kinas, who lives near Marquette University.

Denise Maltra said you get what you pay for.

"If you want good service, you're going to tip," Maltra said.

She's been a waitress at Miss Katie's Diner since 1990. 

"It's what I live on. My check is nothing. When you're only making $2.33 an hour, you absolutely rely on your tips," Maltra said.

The survey also revealed diners spend an average of $37.00  per person at a restaurant. 

Plus, the days of dialing a restaurant to make a reservation are over. Nearly 60 percent make restaurant reservations on the internet. 

Zagat surveyed 13 thousand people to get the results.