Surveillance vid shows carjackers drop off baby

Posted at 5:52 PM, May 24, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- Recently released surveillance video captures the moment suspected carjackers pulled over and dropped off a baby on the side of the road. They're accused of stealing a woman's car and driving off with the baby still in the backseat. 

A neighbor's screams are still replaying in Frank Kristbaum's home.

"I only wish I took it more seriously," Kristbaum, who lives near 66th and Montana, laments to TODAY'S TMJ4. "It could've been so much worse. She could have gotten run over and they could've killed her."

On Tuesday, Kristbaum wasted no time trying to help Milwaukee's latest carjacking victim in other ways, like calling Mayor Tom Barrett.

"I'm asking for the mayor's help, I'm asking for the police chief's help. I'm asking for the justice system's help."

The plea comes one day after Kristbaum's neighbor was involved in what police call a "bump and run" carjacking; the suspects hit her from behind, and when she gets out to check the damage the suspects swoop in and steal the car.

In this case, the woman had her one-month-old in the backseat and the suspects almost took off with him in the car. Before they sped away, however, they stopped and took out the baby and car seat and left them on the sidewalk.

"These are really dangerous crimes," Kristbaum says.

In a statement to TODAY'S TMJ4, MPD spokesman Sgt. Timothy Gauerke says officers continue to look for two suspects and the stolen vehicle. Gauerke also advises anyone involved in a car crash should "use good judgment" and if he or she feels uncomfortable with the situation, "they should call police and drive to a police station or other public place."