Superstitious fan's lucky Packers hat goes missing at Riverwest bar

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 20:45:22-05

The fate of Sunday's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons may rest solely on a missing lucky hat.

An extremely superstitious Packers fan says he lost his lucky hat while watching the game against the Cowboys. Now he's hoping for a miracle.

"It's hard to sleep at night," said Andrew Voss, the owner of the lucky hat.

Voss says ever since the Packers began their winning streak, he has watched every game at the same bar, sitting at the same table and in the exact same clothes.

"I was like OK we're turning it around," he said. "I went home and I put this exact outfit behind the couch and I said I'm going to wear that next week to see if I can bring more luck."

But on Sunday, January 15, in a moment of chaos following that epic game-winning field goal, Voss threw his hat into the air in excitement.

"The hat came off and there was a lot of jumping and hugging and high fives and... where's the hat?"

He says they searched the entire bar, even looked on top of an air conditioning unit and behind machines, but the hat had disappeared.

He immediately bought the same exact hat online, but worries that it just doesn't hold the same luck.

"It hasn't seen a game yet, it hasn't gone to war with the team," he said.

And as time ticks by and the big game on Sunday approaches, Voss' fears are growing.

"I'm a little worried they can't win without the hat," he said. "And it's not because I don't believe in the team. I believe in doing my part."

So here's his proposition:

"Bring it back to the bar 'The Gig' and I'll leave this hat here and you can just turn in the hat that has my sweat and weird stuff in it and have a brand new hat," said Voss. "I just would really, really like that hat back."

The Gig is located at 1132 E Wright St. Voss says whoever has his missing hat can meet him there on Sunday to watch the game against the Falcons or drop it off beforehand to the owner, no questions asked.

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