Suburban family lays down roots in Sherman Park

Father: "We knew there'd be hiccups"
Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 21:30:10-04

The Sherman Park neighborhood is a community that has become more and more diverse over the years.

Many of its residents have moved from the suburbs to the area in order to raise their families.

For the Loomis family, it was important to find a neighborhood that was not only diverse, but also had a sense of community.

“This is not dangerous. We let our kids ride their scooters up and down the sidewalks,  walk to and from friends’ houses,” Tyler Loomis said.

The couple moved their five children from Muskego to the center city.

Six-year-old Xavier Loomis says his “nice neighbors and family” is what he likes best about the neighborhood.

It was a bit of a hard sell for the older kids, teens Mary and Jake, but she’s embraced the change.

“I wanted to see what was new, what different things were out there than just living in Muskego,” Mary said.

Tyler Loomis is the pastor at City Brook Church in the heart of the historic, integrated neighborhood.

The family lives just eight blocks from the where the violence broke out at Sherman and Burleigh two weeks ago.

“We knew there would be hiccups, things happen that we didn't like, so when some of those things have happened, we have made a point of not overreacting,” Tyler Loomis said.

Many of the family’s friends have called, worrying about their safety, but the family remains steadfast.

“People from an arm’s length,  whether it’s some of our friends or family members, they are  very concerned about our safety and have wondered,  ‘what are you doing, how long are you staying,’  but it doesn't change our minds at all about being here,” Tyler Loomis said. 

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