Sturtevant residents excited for Foxconn plant

Posted at 7:35 PM, Jul 26, 2017

Locals say they're going to get a good night’s sleep after hearing about the announcement of Foxconn coming to SE Wisconsin.

Everyone at the Hiawatha Sports Bar and Grill in Sturtevant tuned into to TODAY'S TMJ 4 to watch the Foxconn jobs announcement. 

There were lots of chants and claps, the atmosphere like a Sunday Packers game.

Everyone says this is a long time coming, over the last 30 years lots of manufacturing jobs have left Racine County.

Everyone is hoping the Foxconn plant comes to Racine County.

Stacey Kincade hopes people from this area will benefit from the jobs.

"Just a new company coming here would just be awesome for Wisconsin, no matter where it is it would help any age group just anybody that needs jobs, I think it would be awesome. I'm excited for everyone not just myself, my family, nieces, nephews the whole state," said Kincade.

Local leaders are excited too.

"This is really exciting when you have a company that's willing to locate to southeastern Wisconsin that is coming from Asia to be here and open up the first LCD manufacturing complex anywhere in the United States. That is absolutely awesome we are just totally giddy," said Senator Van H. Wanggaard.

County leaders say more details about where Foxconn will be located should come soon.