Students proud of former Wisconsin Badger James White's record-setting Super Bowl performance

Posted at 7:09 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 20:24:42-05

There always seems to be a Wisconsin connection to big events, and Sunday night's Super Bowl was no different.

James White, the running back who scored the game-winning touchdown for the Patriots, was a Wisconsin Badger. His 14 catches and 20 points scored are both Super Bowl records, and Badgers fans couldn't be prouder.

Alex Bilkey, a student at UW-Madison, admits he wasn't cheering on the Patriots Sunday night, but he was thrilled for White.

"It was good to see him succeed and play well like that, I was cheering for him definitely, but I definitely wanted the Falcons to win. I grew up watching James White, he was one of the first Badgers I remember watching a lot and I was a big fan of him in high school and middle school," said Bilkey.

It was a performance he almost missed, because he didn't think the Patriots would come back from down 28-3.

"It was nuts, me and my friends didn't think so. We didn't turn it off but we were just kind of not really watching the game," said Matt Woichek, a freshman on campus.

"I'm a James White fan until the Packers play the Patriots," added Woichek.

This is White’s 2nd Super Bowl. His first one was two years ago when the Patriots beat the Seahawks.

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady also indicated Monday morning that he'll give the Super Bowl MVP truck to James White.

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