Students protest school after Greenfield football coach lost job

Collected 600 signatures to reverse the resignatio
Posted at 10:46 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 23:46:24-04

The Greenfield High School Football coach is out of a job and many students are upset.  

They protested on the former Coach Shane Covington’s behalf Wednesday at school and say they collected more than 600 signatures asking the district to reverse their decision.

"We just feel that it was wrong for the staff members to take our coach and just like forcibly get rid of him," said Deangelo Rosario, a junior.

"The whole idea to get it out that it's not right and hopefully get him back as a head coach," said Cliffron Cunningham, a sophomore.

The coach says the school gave him a notice of termination Tuesday and gave him the right to resign.

"They said they would think it would be in my best interest to resign," Covington said.

The coach says he was also forced to resign as student supervisor and weight room supervisor.

"I was kind of blindsided by the decision they terminated me from all three roles," said Covington.

The notice cites concerns about the coach's professionalism and interpersonal communication with students and staff.  Covington says he was warned about missing days and being late on occasion.  He also admits a staff member overheard him using inappropriate language, but he says he wasn't reprimanded.  The coach suspects his termination may be racially motivated.

"None of those guys called me a name or said any racial terms or physically or inadvertently showing any prejudice towards me, but I definitely think this result is because who I am," Covington said.

A statement from the district says, "Mr. Covington has resigned from his positions within the District effective April 11, 2017. Greenfield High School is currently seeking our next head football coach."

The football team is now threatening not to play next season if the district doesn't give the coach another chance. 


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