'Everything's gone': Strong winds spread fire to six homes in Kewaskum

A fire in Kewaskum turned a cul-du-sac into an oven Monday evening. 

Sunday night, Noah Herriges, 4, was trying out his brand new bike in front of his house. On Monday, Noah showed us the twisted metal frame and told us what we were seeing.

“My bike,” said Noah Herriges.

He said it was a great color, orange and black.

Matt Herriges is hugging both his sons and wife a little tighter tonight as he looks what’s left of his home.

“Everything’s gone,” said Herriges.

The fire started Monday afternoon at the Herriges’ home in Kewaskum. Matt Herriges said it fire crews tried to save it and others but his went too fast.

“They think it started in the back and they were focusing on the deck, but they don’t know for sure,” said Matt Herriges.

Neighbors said the wind caused the fire spread to at least five other homes including Trev Timblin’s. 

“It was burning pretty good and just horrendous south wind,” said Timblin.

He said anything that was dry, burned or melted including the side of his house.

Right now neighbor say they are focusing on the most important thing, everyone made it out.

“You just thank God that they weren’t there. Cause it’s hard enough seeing this,” said Matt Herriges.

The Red Cross was helping two families find a place to stay Monday night. The Kewaskum Fire chief plans to release more information on what cause the fire Tuesday.

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