Straight-line winds cause damage in Beaver Dam

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 19:37:11-04

BEAVER DAM, Wis. -- Residents had a mess to clean up Friday after a storm tore through Beaver Dam Thursday night, taking trees and power lines with it.

The storm caused enough damage to the tree outside Terry Kieffer's home, he said he came back from vacation early to start cleaning up.

"The wires right here were pulled down and the limbs were on top, pulled it right off the house," said Kieffer.

The National Weather Service says straight line winds blew through the city, likely causing the majority of damage.

According to the Beaver Dam Fire Department, the winds brought a major telephone line down in the 200 block of S. University Ave. The storm also caused a large tree to land on the roof of a Century 21 office along North Spring Street.

At the Wayland Academy soccer field, a set of bleachers blew about 50 feet across the field, landing upside down. Fencing around the baseball diamond was also damaged along with several snapped trees.

"Within a block you've got a lot of damage, a block over there's nothing," said Kieffer.

City employees were busy picking up branches left along the curb. Kieffer said he spent the day hauling branches to the front yard so the city would pick them up.

Most Beaver Dam residents said they're grateful no one was hurt and that the trees took the worst of it.

"This is the older part of town," said Kieffer. "There was no house damage, just tree damage up high."

According to the Beaver Dam Fire Department, Thursday's storm did not cause enough damage for the city to qualify for any Wisconsin Disaster Funds.