Stolen SUV clips a family of 6 and flips over into a church on north side

Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 23:49:56-04

A Milwaukee family had a near-miss after a stolen SUV runs a red light running from police.

The stolen SUV flipped into a church, going through the wall Friday afternoon at the corner of Hopkins and Villard. The family, in their own SUV ended up safe but their vehicle smashed.

The father, Cassius Thomas said he was driving his green Ford Explorer when the white SUV slammed right into him.  

"It was actually on two wheels. When he hit me it leaned to two wheels," said Thomas talking about his SUV almost turned over.

The other vehicle did flip over and slid into a church. Higher Dimensions Family Church's pastors came out to see the damage. Their son, Bobby Sanford was with them and said he feels for his parents who are in the middle of remodeling.

"Devastated. Putting a lot of money into it and you know now you got to re-evaluate everything you are doing," said Sanford.

Thomas said the only thing the car thieves had to say when the police pulled them from the vehicle was to deny they were involved.

"The young guy was like, 'I wasn't driving,'" said Thomas.

Right now he is just happy his family including a 4-month-old baby was not hurt.