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Stolen goods, suspect found in Twin Lakes airport hangar

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 13, 2018

TWIN LAKES, Wis. -- Twin Lakes police caught a brazen thief in the roof of an airport hanger -- in a bizarre story where community members may have helped crack this case.

It all started after a truck was reported stolen by someone in the community. The truck was found hours later parked behind an air hangar at the Westosha Airport, along with other stolen property from Wisconsin and Illinois.

Twin Lakes police say this was a huge bust and the alleged thief had a federal warrant on him from the Secret Service.

David Hill says his father is one of the many victims. His truck, a 1985 Chevy Silverado C10, was stolen right from his driveway.

"Very happy that he's in custody,” Hill said. "It was a gift from my uncle who was in failing health, he gave it to my dad before he passed away."

It was very sentimental and they noticed it was gone around 9:30 Saturday morning.

"That time, me and my mom both posted on Facebook, a picture of the missing truck, a description of it, within four hours we had over 1000 shares," Hill said.

Hill tells TODAY’S TMJ4 not long after a Facebook post, his father's truck was spotted by someone driving by the Westosha Airport.

"Fours hours actually, it was found," he said.

The classic truck was parked behind an air hangar. Police were called and when they entered, a Twin Lakes Lieutenant says they were able to recover other stolen goods -- like trailers and another classic car.

They also found the thief hiding in the roof of the hanger and he was arrested.

"I know the whole family, extended as well is very grateful for the outcome of this and we think the community for being vigilant, posting something that really didn't matter to them but it turned out that it mattered to a lot of people," Hill said.

TODAY'S TMJ4 is not naming the suspect because he hasn't been officially charged yet. 

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