Still time to register for 'Hike Milwaukee' at Urban Ecology Center

Posted at 3:57 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 17:59:19-04

Only a few days remain before the third annual Hike Milwaukee (HKE MKE) event at the Urban Ecology Center. 

The benefit hike on September 17 will take you through two and a half miles of beautiful scenery, right in the heart of the city. The route is also wheelchair and stroller accessible. 

The Urban Ecology Center has 15 acres of wooded land along the Milwaukee River. 

Each year during the HKE MKE event, the center has a group activity for hikers. Last year, hikers painted a small part of a mural that now hangs at the center. 

This year, instead of paint, they are using plants. 

Kim Forbeck is the manager of land stewardship at the Urban Ecology Center. She will be planting at a new pond along the trails that will catch storm water and become a habitat for animals. 

"People that come through on HKE MKE this Sunday will be able to stop at this point in the hike and they can help me plant the ephemeral pond," said Forbeck. "In future years, they can come back and know that they had a part in planting this pond."

HKE MKE is one of the Urban Ecology Center's annual fundraisers. It begins in Riverside Park and continues along the east and west sides of the Milwaukee river. 

"They'll be able to experience what it's like out in the woods and you feel like you're not even in the city," said Forbeck. "It's just a fun event to raise money."

More information about the hike and how to register can be found here.