Steven Avery's prosecutor ‘convinced' he won't get a retrial

Posted at 8:40 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 23:21:31-04

The former district attorney who helped convict Steven Avery of Teresa Halbach’s murder in 2005 says the latest motion for a new trial by Avery’s attorney is “a shame.”

In the new document filed earlier this week, Avery’s attorney accuses prosecutor Ken Kratz of ethical violations and fabricating evidence.

Kratz says Avery’s new team went after prosecutors, police and Halbach’s ex-boyfriend because evidence retesting didn’t show what they had hoped.

“He was convicted by a jury of 12. I don't think he's getting a new trial. He's right where he belongs. If he did get a new trial would you be there? I'd be there to watch and I’m sure comment on it but I'm quite convinced he's never getting a retrial in this case,” Kratz said.

In the new 1,200-page document filed Wednesday in Manitowoc County, Avery’s attorney breaks down results of new evidence testing on the theory Avery’s DNA was planted. The attorney also laid out her theory on why Halbach’s ex-boyfriend is the real killer.

Read a portion of the motion filed here.