Tips on staying cool during the heat

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 19:34:28-04

WAUKESHA - The heat and humidity Friday didn't keep people away from the outdoors.  And in some spots, it was feeling rather comfortable.

A windy ride at the Waukesha County Fair kept them cool. So did the misting stations, cool fans, and ice cold water.

"Drinking water, every now and then go indoors to the buildings over there," said Matthew Sellnow, enjoying the fair.

"We have two air conditioned buildings, one on the south end of the grounds which has our competitive exhibits in it, so you can go in there, there's plenty of seating," said Chrissy Gluege, the Waukesha County Fair executive director.

No heat related problems have been reported at the fair Friday, but the heat and humidity tend to make the Waukesha County Communications Center a busy place.

"So, heat will drive those public safety calls where we have a road expansion," said Gary Bell, Waukesha County Emergency Preparedness Director.

The problem is that some of the additional calls to 911, for things like buckling pavement, are not true emergencies.

"If it's on the shoulder out of the traffic lane, 911's probably not the right number to call.  If you need transportation to a cooling shelter, or some fans, you want to know where to get those, we're really trying to ask people to contact the 211 system," said Bell.