State Street in Wauwatosa to be completely shut down for 3 weeks

The project is near completion
Posted at 12:22 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 14:04:22-04
State Street through the heart of Wauwatosa will be totally shut down for at least three weeks as the construction project to rejuvenate the heart of the village nears completion.
According to City Administrator Jim Archambo, the round the clock closure of State Street makes it easier for construction crews to pave streets and sidewalks.
“They’re filling in some of the last remaining holes on the South Side of the road,” he said. “They’re filling in what were voided sidewalks.”
During the summer, the street was open on nights and weekends.
“Traffic is a bit gnarled up, people have had to deal with that for several months now,” Archambo said. “We appreciate peoples’ patience.”
Archambo said the primary purpose of the project, which began back in May, was to replace infrastructure such as water mains and storm sewers that were more than 100-years-old.He said recent rain slowed some of the construction, but crews were able to work quickly during dry days to stay on schedule.
The construction in the heart of the Tosa Village is expected to be complete in roughly one month, save for finishing touches like street lights and benches.Those who frequent the village said they understand the improvements are needed. But they added the construction is an inconvenience.
“People that come down here are trying to do their business, to get to the different stores and restaurants,” said Diane Chamness, who regularly visits the Tosa Village for business.“Traditionally, Wauwatosa has been a walking community. Now you can’t really walk anywhere.”
“I do think it has deterred a lot of people from coming into Wauwatosa,” said Karen Smith, who visits the Village once a week. It’s been pretty active around here. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s going to be like when everything’s done."
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