State Fair organizers are ready if severe weather strikes

Posted at 9:55 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 23:23:53-04

WEST ALLIS -- Opening day of the Wisconsin State Fair comes with heat and the possibility of thunderstorms, something organizers plan for. 

"The first steps when it comes to lightning is getting people off of the sky glider ride and off of the rides in Spin City, so it kind of goes from there depending on the severity," said Kristi Chuckel, Wisconsin State Fair Park Communications Director.

The fairgrounds span 200 acres full of air conditioned buildings where fairgoers can take cover or cool off.  Visitors can find free water at two hydration stations. 

"The Salvation Army is down on the south end of the park so they'll have water. We also have one up on North Grand Stand Avenue,"  explained Chuckel. 

You can sit in the shade under tents in Central Park.  Sunscreen stations are available if you forget to apply. 

Vendors plan to cook over hot grills no matter how hot it gets. 

"You don't stay cool. You drink water of course, and keep yourself cool with maybe rags on the back of your neck," explained Rena Koning, Wisonsin Cattlemen's Association. 

Exhibitors handling animals take extra precautions when the temperature heats up. 

"You want to make sure you've got lots of fans running on them to keep them cool and occasionally...doing a nice spray down or whatever you want to keep them walking or whatever, you don't want them to get too dehydrated just like a human basically," said Rachel McCullough, 16. 

You can bring in your own bottle of water, but it has to be new and sealed.  You can't bring in a reusable bottle. Get more information about the State Fair here.