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St. Mary's Church building hosts last Sunday service after 161 years in Pewaukee

Posted at 6:01 PM, Aug 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 07:12:57-04

PEWAUKEE — Sunday marked the final farewell between a historic church building and the congregation inside of it.

It was the final Sunday service for Agape Community Church inside of the History St. Mary’s Church in Pewaukee.

The St. Mary site is expected to be torn down to make room for a new senior living development after 161 years.

Some people in the community are fighting to keep it.

"Agape. Love with nothing in return,” Agape Pastor Florin Docea told his parishioners during his final serice as he held a “Thank You” card for the church’s soon-to-be-former landlords.

The congregation thanking the Queen of Apostles Catholic Church for allowing them to lease the space for the past several years.

"It's very sad for me personally to see the potential of this being the last Holy Communion here," Docea said.

Now, the 161-year-old building is set to be demolished and replaced. Signs in neighboring years show some residents are upset with the decision.

"I grew up here. Baptized here. Married here. The whole works. A lot of the community has," resident Sandy Moncada said.

Florin said the Agape Church’s near $300,000 proposal to save the building and keep the church was turned down and now they’re forced to look for a new space.

Some other parishioners are hoping Pewaukee village leaders eventually decide to save the historic church before it’s too late.

"We're going to fight and fight and fight until hopefully the village board steps up the plate and do the right thing," one resident said.

Next week, the church plans to move to Pewaukee High School to continue its services.