Spring snowfall tests Wisconsin residents patience

Posted at 12:21 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 13:24:17-04

MILWAUKEE -- Snowfall in April is nothing new to Wisconsinites, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. 

While the Milwaukee-area got a few inches, our counties to the north dealt with a bit more. In Cedarburg, their picturesque downtown looks beautiful with a coating of snow. However, the winter wonderland is better suited around Christmas and not a few days after Easter. 

But instead of the sound of carolers, it's the sound of snow blowers and shovels. It's not exactly the Spring cleaning residents expected to be doing. 

"I'd rather be doing something else," Greg Nelson in Cedarburg said. "Get my lawn mower ready or something like that. Maybe doing some yard work."

Nelson has lived in Wisconsin all his life. So he knows what Mother Nature is capable of. 

"It doesn't surprise me," Nelson said. "It does not surprise me being from Wisconsin. I just go about what I have to do."

Cedarburg had it easy compared to places further north. In Elkhart Lake, they had the highest totals in the area, totaling eight inches of snow. 

Some schools had a two-hour delay, giving parents some extra help in shoveling the driveway before students went to school. However, for Dennis Wieck, he drew the short straw. 
"It was my duty to get the sidewalks cleaned up this week," Wieck said.

Wieck was outside of his church shoveling Wednesday morning. He was told this week would be his responsibility to clear up the sidewalks, should they need it. Weeks ago, he thought he was in the clear but boy, was he wrong. 

"Unbelievable," Wieck said. "I'm thinking about getting the patio furniture out and putting the snow blower away. But I thought, no. If I do that, then we'll get snow. Well, I didn't do that and we still got snow. At least I'm prepared. I can get the snow blower out."

But he's been here long enough to know this is standard Spring weather around these parts. 

"This isn't totally unexpected," Wieck said. "Anything can happen in Wisconsin."