Spring snow makes tailgates, driving more difficult

Posted at 10:32 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 11:05:19-04

A spring snowstorm in southeast Wisconsin isn't exactly what most people hope to see. Especially fans tailgating on the second day of Brewers baseball.

"Diehard people will do anything," said Michelle Ullmin from Sheboygan.

She and Chris Brennum were some of the first people in line for the game on Tuesday.

"Anything that’s happening, we’ll be out here, it doesn’t matter," said Ullmin.

Some fans just needed to take a few extra precautions, like Vince Hucek, from Milwaukee.

"We had to tie the tent to the car so it didn’t blow away," he said.

Farther north, the rain quickly turned to snow making conditions difficult for drivers.

"You just never know this time of year, you just don’t know," said Lara Martin, who had to make the roughly two-hour drive from Sheboygan to her home in the suburbs of Chicago.

She said she was a little worried about the conditions.

"We’ll just play it by ear," she said. "If it gets really bad, I'll just pull over and get a hotel."

The snow was extra surprising for Jim Lehrke, who just got back from Florida on Tuesday.

"It is a shock," he said. "It was like 85 today."

The Sheboygan County Sheriff's office said it didn't respond to any major accidents or road closures from the weather. There were a few minor calls involving cars into ditches, but no serious injuries.