Spring snow is good for some businesses

Posted at 11:04 PM, Apr 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-10 00:13:24-04

Not everyone is mad at Mother Nature when they heard more snow was coming Sunday. For some, this winter weather carrying into spring is good for business. But not everyone is pleased.

"I'm pretty much sick of it. I've had enough," says Chris McFadin, Milwaukee resident.

"I'm hating the weather," says Mamie Riyeff as she walks with her husband and her two young kids back to her east side Milwaukee home.

But John Williams is feeling the opposite.

"I'm actually kind of excited," says Williams, food delivery driver. "We get pretty busy if there is a winter time storm."

Williams and his friend say bad weather means better tips.

"I feel that people are more generous when it snows because they kind of feel bad for me," Williams says.

"You do make a lot better money in the condition, people appreciate it," says Jeffrey Forrester.

But a lot of people out Saturday night in downtown Milwaukee were hoping to avoid calling for delivery.They were crossing their fingers the storm held off until closing time or at least after dinner time.

"We are going as quickly as we can to a restaurant down the street," says John Jacobson, Milwaukee resident.

But everyone seemed resigned that winter is not done no matter what the calendar says.

"We choose to live in Wisconsin and there's a price to that choice," Jacobson says.

"This is Milwaukee, this is Wisconsin weather," says Janette Herrera, Milwaukee resident.