Southeast Wisconsin students get elbow deep in the plumbing trade

Students all over Southeast Wisconsin are getting their hands dirty this week, as high schoolers from five districts are learning skills in five trades.  

"Well I can't say it on air what they think plumbers do for a living and we do some of that, but there's a lot more to it than just that," said Mike Busch, Plumber/Instructor Local 75.

Tuesday Greendale students found out plumbing is more than toilets. 

"It was actually kind of interesting how much I didn't know that plumbers do that they do," said Michael Parish, Greendale Senior.

This is all part of the first Trades Institute in the Milwaukee area.  Students are getting school credit, but they say it's about way more than that.

"Now that I can get an early step on this.  That's really going to benefit my future," said Avery Fritsch, Greendale Senior.

Busch said this kind of opportunity helps kids think about a potential career they might not have thought of.

"Just introducing to them into what plumbing is about.  Will they like it, won't they like it before they graduate from high school and get out in the real world," said Busch.

These kids said plumbing is now on their radar.

"I'm kind of considering," said Parish.

"Yes, absolutely," said Fritsch.

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