Southeast Wisconsin prepares for first summer heat wave

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 18:58:05-04
MILWAUKEE - Crowds of people were out enjoying summer-like weather on this spring day.  
The heat didn't prevent Mary Beth Bosch and her granddaughters from having a little outdoor fun.
 "Yea, we went to the zoo and it was pretty warm at the zoo but the kids wanted to see the new baby giraffe so," said Bosch.
Children are one of the most at-risk groups for being overcome by the heat.That's why soccer coaches like Durham Barnes of Super Soccer Stars are preparing for the weekend warm-up.
"The little ones, they're pretty sensitive to the heat and they'll get tired quickly and so we take a lot of little rests in between each activity and we'll bring them back to a circle," said Barnes.
Tomorrow, soccer players as young as two, will take to the field, and super soccer stars are advising parents to be ready for the heat.

"They have been notified to bring plenty of water and to make sure to put on sunscreen before the class and then we're gonna have a tent. We're gonna have a water cooler here," said Barnes.
We met with another group of athletes at the Italian Community Center today.  Heat was on the minds of "Rock n Sole" half and quarter marathon runners, like Mariha Dewberry of Milwaukee.
"Did you pack anything differently because of the hot weather for tomorrow? No, well we're gonna be, we have some gummies to keep us hydrated and we always take our time through the water station. I didn't pack anything different except I'm gonna be wearing lighter clothes," said Dewberry.
Organizers for the Rock 'n Sole sent this email to all participants, with updated weather forecasts and information on how to stay safe.