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Snow piles left around downtown Burlington

Posted at 6:53 PM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 19:53:03-05

In downtown Burlington you’ll be able to find quite a few snow piles. It’s made parking an issue for some drivers, and walking an issue for others.

The city isn’t removing the snow, they’ve decided to wait especially ahead of Thursday night's snowfall. It’s all pushed to the side of the roads, Doris Hayes says finding parking took longer than usual.

“I made a few circles around, probably a good 10 minutes,” Hayes said. “Yeah, it is pretty rough finding a parking spot.”

Some say this snow can’t melt fast enough. In a Facebook post the city says snow removal is a high priority but because of Mother Nature not cooperating they haven’t been able to remove the snow.

Snow has hit Burlington four out of the last six days and they’re expecting even more over the weekend.

The City's Public Works Director just asks for everyone to be patient because they plan to remove it all at once early next week.

Crews will be out plowing the streets Thursday night as part of their 20-hour response plan.

Hayes says she’ll feel buried under the snow so she’s planning to bunker down.

“I just won’t leave the house, I won’t come into Burlington,” she said.

The public works director told TODAY'S TMJ 4 they normally remove snow a day or two after it falls. But it’s been hard with these consecutive snow days.

This decision has nothing to do with overtime or manpower.