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First Wahlburgers location in Wisconsin opens Tuesday, here's a sneak peek at the menu

Posted: 4:28 PM, Sep 18, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-24 08:37:26-04

BROOKFIELD — The three Wahlberg brothers are bringing their famous restaurant, Wahlburgers, to Brookfield.

On Tuesday they gave a preview of the menu they will serve at The Corners of Brookfield.

"When someone can have something that brings them back to their grandmothers kitchen, their aunt, or whoever it is and they are no longer with us, that's pretty special," restaurateur and reality TV star Paul Wahlberg said.

Paul is the head chef and owns the restaurant with his celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie. Each one of them have a signature meal. Mark - The Thanksgiving Day Sandwich, Donnie - BBQ Bacon Burger and Paul - The OUR Burger.

The restaurant used to be featured on A&E as a reality show. It lasted for 10 seasons and 95 episodes. It discontinued in July of 2019.

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Wahlburgers is set to open Sept. 24 at The Corners of Brookfield. Wahlburgers serves specialty burgers, tater tots, "from-scratch" mac 'n cheese, housemade frappes, creamsicle floats and more. They also have a full bar with options including birthday cake and s'mores "adult frappes." Chef Paul Wahlberg and his brothers, actors Mark and Donnie, created Wahlburgers.

This is the first Wahlburger location in Wisconsin. It's set to open on Sept. 24.