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Small businesses aim to rebuild following fire at Oak Creek community kitchen

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 19:26:51-04

MILWAUKEE — Katy Klinnert is just one of almost 20 business owners struggling to get back on their feet after a fire that broke out inside the Common Cookhouse.

The Common Cookhouse is a space where food truck owners, bakers, cooks, and more called home for their small businesses.

"People keep using this word you are displaced, the fire displaced you. The fire put us out of business," said Klinnert, the owner of Katy's Cooking Tonight. "We estimated we lost at least $15,000 in equipment and supplies minimum."

Now, Klinnert and others are back to square one and looking to come up with the money needed to repurchase items lost in the fire in order to keep their businesses going.

"We have zero supplies, zero stock, we have no knives, no cutting boards, no fridge, no nothing," said Bleu Sheep Charcuterie co-owner, Lilly Mucilli.

For Mucilli, that means hosting a fundraiser, where people have from now until Thursday to put in an order for a board for $105. Their goal is to sell 15 charcuterie boards for the 4th of July weekend.

WATCH: Business owner Lilly Mucilli hopes fundraiser will get her business back on their feet.

Business owner hopes fundraiser will help after Oak Creek kitchen fire

"We are going to be using all of the proceeds if we reach our goal in this fundraiser to replace everything that we had at the common cookhouse," said Mucilli.

Meanwhile for Klinnert, an Amazon Wishlist and GoFundMe page have been created on her behalf, along with a number of other fundraisers created for those affected by the fire.

"There is a fundraiser being planned for July 9 at the Franksville Beer Garden. They are throwing a fundraiser for everybody involved. Then on July 10, there's one being thrown for me at Paulie's Pub & Eatery in West Allis.

These business owners add that they're hopeful they'll be able to get back on their feet. And every little bit helps.

"It's incredible to see the backing that we have," said Mucilli.

Here's how to help businesses after fire destroys Oak Creek community kitchen they depended on:
Katy's Cooking Tonight - GoFundMe, Amazon Wishlist
Bleu Sheep Charcuterie - 4th of July Fundraiser
Ruby's Bagel's - Amazon Wishlist
Famoso Jalisco, Rose Mob Grill, Ruby's Bagels, and Trouble Makers - GoFundMe
Devour Gluten Free - GoFundMe

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