Slushy snow made travel difficult in Dodge County Wednesday morning

Posted at 2:22 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 15:24:03-05
Winter is back. The snow started falling in Dodge County around 6 a.m.  causing a lot of headaches for drivers trying to get to work or their kids off to school.
"The highways are not real bad, but 28 is terrible," said John Hansen, a truck driver. "It's like they forgot to put salt down or plow."
Hansen just drove his truck down from Green Bay, and says he was slipping and sliding at times.  
"I was empty, but I'm picking up a load of cheese in Dodge County so that will help weigh my truck down. 
What else from Wisconsin, right?" Hansen said.
Down the road in Mayville, neighbors were out early this morning shoveling their driveways. 
"It's harder than it should be, but I got to do it so we can get in the driveway," said 
Alyssa Tighe.  
Plow drivers were also up early this morning, happy to be back at work and striving to keep parking lots and roads clear. But Tighe is not thrilled with the winter chore. 
"It's my birthday and I wanted to go do stuff today. I don't feel like leaving the house now  so I'm a little bummed," Tighe said.
The Dodge County Sheriff's department says they have seen dozens of cars running into ditches. The roads are slippery. They are advising all drivers to slow down. 

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