Defense continues to call witnesses in the trial of Anissa Weier

Posted at 12:09 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 18:29:50-04

WAUKESHA -- The defense continued to call witnesses on Wednesday morning in the trial of 15-year old Anissa Weier. 

Weier is one of two suspects in the May 2014 stabbing case often referred to as the "Slender Man stabbing."  

According to prosecutors, Weier and her friend Morgan Geyser stabbed classmate Peyton Leutner 19 times and left her in a Waukesha park. 

After the girls were taken into custody, Weier and Geyser told investigators they were trying to please the fictional horror character Slender Man. 

Weier's attorneys have described her in court as a lonely 12-year old struggling with her parents' recent divorce at the time of the stabbing. 

On Tuesday, Waukesha Police Detective Shelly Fisher took the stand. 

She testified that she interviewed Leutner roughly one week after the stabbing. 

According to Fisher, Leutner described how Geyser and Weier led her to a park and into a public bathroom stall. The victim described Geyser holding her hands behind her back in the stall. 

Fisher said during the interview Leutner described how Geyser and Weier then left the stall and returned shortly afterwards. 

"The next time they came in, Anissa held Peyton's arms behind her back and then Morgan stood in front of her and stared at her," Fisher said. 

But during questions from the prosecution, Fisher added that it was Weier who suggested the group then go into the woods to play hide and seek. 

At that point, Fisher said the victim described how Geyser sat on her, apologized, and began stabbing her. 

When asked by the prosecutor if Weier observed the stabbing and did nothing, Fisher said yes. 

Last month, Weier pleaded guilty to attempted, second degree intentional homicide in connection with the stabbing. The state recommended a 10-year prison sentence, although the judge can sentence her to up to 25 years. 

As a result of Weier's guilty plea, the jury in her trial will not have to determine if she participated in the stabbing. Instead, the 16 jurors - the standard 12 plus four alternates - will be tasked with determining if Weier is mentally ill. 

The burden of proof rests with Weier's attorney to prove that her client is mentally ill, and therefore not legally responsible for the stabbing. 

If the jury's verdict comes back in the defense's favor, Weier is facing at least three years in a mental hospital instead of the sentencing options agreed upon as part of her plea deal. 

Jurors will be sequestered for the duration of the case. The judge has blocked off up to two weeks for the trial proceedings. 

Geyser is expected to go on trial next month.