Waukesha teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack

WAUKESHA -- One of the suspects in the Slender Man stabbing case has made a plea agreement.

Anissa Weier pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted homicide as party to a crime.

In court Monday, Weier laid out the details of what she said happened in May of 2014.

When asked by the judge the name of the victim, the defendant replied, "I've put her through enough. I don't want to say her name."

The guilty plea was entered Monday after Weier told the judge what happened in great detail. She claimed she lured the victim into the woods with her accomplice Morgan Geyser and told her to, "go berserk." Geyser is accused of then stabbing her classmate 19 times.

At the time, they were all 12 years old. More than three years later, Weier explained it all happened because she believed the fictional character Slender Man was real and feared what could happen if she didn't go through with the plan.

"I believed that if I didn't go through with the plan that Slender Man would come and attack and kill myself, my friends and my family," Weier said.

The judge explained the second phase in Weier's case will go to a jury. They will decide on Sept. 11 whether she is guilty or not by mental disease or defect.

Geyser was also in court Monday afternoon, for a status conference. Geyser's lawyer said they are open to striking a plea deal as well.

"[We've] made offers to the prosecution and we've made clear that look, Morgan Geyser's got a diagnosed health condition she's schizophrenic," said Geyser's attorney Anthony Cotton.

Cotton also believes a sequestered jury trial in a case like this could cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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