Skeletal remains bring hope to 2 local families

Posted at 7:20 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 21:22:04-05

Skeletal remains found in northwest Milwaukee have two families wondering if this could be their missing loved one. As the families wait for answers, they hope this discovery reminds people their loved ones are still missing.

On a cold December night in 2014, Stephanie Myles left her home to walk the few blocks to Walgreens.  Her son was sick and the whole family had the flu. She was going to pick up some soup and orange juice before the store closed.

"She was doing a good deed," says Simone Coats, Stephanie Myles' sister.

The 18-year-old high school senior never returned home. Her family believes she's still alive, somewhere, waiting to be found.

"I know if somebody got her I know they got some battle wounds," Coats says.

Sunday afternoon a hiker discovered skeletal remains in a field in the 9600 block of W. Allyn Street. That is just about a mile away from where Myles was last seen at 85th and Brown Deer Rd. But it was also 10 minutes from where Jacquelyn Ranallo was last seen from as well. The 53-year old woman vanished just before Thanksgiving last year.

Her best friend, Melissa Frank, has lead an effort to find her. She told us she doesn't believe the remains are Jackie's. But Mequon Police have asked Milwaukee to check. Milwaukee Police says they are looking at all the missing persons cases.

"That's what we are looking into now and based on the condition, we'll have to wait for the report from the medical examiner," says Inspector Stephen Basting.

Coats says her mother doesn't think it's her sister. But Coats says everyday that goes by gets harder and harder.

"The not knowing is what is killing us," Coats says.

A forensic anthropologist is examining the remains trying to identify the body. Milwaukee Police aren't sure how long it will take to identify the skeleton.

Both families say police have dental records and DNA samples from the missing women.

If you have any information about Stephanie Myles, call the Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7405. If you have any information about Jacquelyn Ranallo, contact the Mequon Police Department at 262-242-3500.