Six crashes in a week at the Hale Interchange during construction

Posted at 6:13 PM, May 16, 2018

Six crashes occurred this past week at the Hale Interchange area, two involving semis, and some drivers worried about their safety.

Greenfield Fire Department responded to all of them. 

“Six accidents is a lot. It is more than we normally have in a weeks period there,” said Zach Zimmer, a lieutenant at the department. 

Zimmer said Greenfield Fire Department, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office and the DOT are working together to keep drivers safe. 

The DOT says its project, in part, has crews adding another lane and resurfacing the interchange. Drivers said the narrow lanes right now and all the construction make it difficult to navigate. The work started in March. 

“It seems to be the type of signage that doesn’t allow you to merge in time,” said Wayne Stenglein. 

A DOT spokesperson said in some these crashes, like in the semi accidents, drivers are to blame for speeding. Still, he told me the DOT will be adding more signs during construction. 

“We try to make sure when there’s areas that we see that are of concern that we try to strengthen and reinforce that message,” said Michael Pyritz, Communications Manager with the DOT. 

Work on the interchange wraps up in October.