Show Dome opens ahead of schedule

Posted at 7:11 PM, Apr 28, 2016

The only place in Milwaukee that feels like Spring is about to reopen.

The Mitchell Park Domes Show Dome will be open on Friday.

"Come on down, come on down, we’re at reduced admission,” says the Mitchell Park Domes director, Sandy Folaron.

The Show Dome is reopening two days ahead of schedule. The other two domes are still closed as repairs are made to protect patrons from possible crumbling concrete.

When you walk inside, you won't even notice the steel mesh that protects you from any possible falling pieces of concrete.

People who visit this weekend will be asked what they want for the future of the domes.

Folaron is excited to reopen the show dome, where crews have installed 98 rolls of imported stainless steel mesh.

“The netting is dual purpose - it'll give us more time to decide what the next step is for this facility, and in case there are some concrete chips falling that might happen it captures it,” said Folaron.
Back in March the county approved $500,000 to repair the show dome. And its reopening is welcomed by its many long time visitors. 

“I remember as a child going there particularly during Easter I went there with my grandparents. It was an annual thing that we did, so for me it's more sentimental,” said Jenni Vetter.

“I haven't gone to the Domes for well over 10 years but it's an architectural icon that's for sure,” Lindsey Bovinet.

It’s likely many will drop by this weekend just for the nostalgia. Yet they will be asked by those on a dome’s long-term steering committee if those memories of this Milwaukee landmark are enough to spend $60-70 million in long-term restorations.

Admission on Friday is free and it’s open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Then it’s only $3 until the other two domes reopen sometime in the Fall.