Shorewood couple wakes up to find home intruder

Posted at 10:18 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 23:33:34-04

A Shorewood couple woke up in the middle of the night to find an intruder just steps from their bed. The burglar had been rifling through their stuff and trashing their home while they were sleeping.

It happened near Frederick Avenue and Capitol Drive, just across the street from the Shorewood Police Station.

"Now, when I do fall asleep, it's like any little noise I hear in the house, I jerk up and I'm convinced there's someone in the house again," says Jodi Hogerton.

Jodi hasn't been able to sleep.

"We just saw this silhouette of a person in the dark, coming towards us," says her husband Sam. "What was almost more unsettling, was coming down and seeing what he had done to our home, while we were sound asleep. We had fans going. We didn't hear him."

All the cupboards and drawers were open.

"He ate a bunch of our stuff, opened tons of stuff, drank beer, smoked in our house," Jodi says. "There was stuff everywhere."

He piled some valuables near the back door.

"He had taken the Wii out from the TV and put it in the pile," Jodi says. "He rifled through my purse and put my wallet on the pile. Sam's watch was on the pile."

They woke up to him near their bed, after he had dropped an electric guitar that he ripped from the wall. When they yelled out to him, he took off. He got away with a laptop, iPhones, large knives from the kitchen, and cash.

They didn't know how he got in.

"We lock all the doors every night," Sam says. "But then we saw he busted the screen of the back window."

One small back window, covered by their gas grill, was mistakenly left unlocked.

Police were able to track some fingerprints. They want to remind everyone to double check that all windows and doors are locked every night.