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Shoppers try to take advantage of last-minute holiday deals

Posted at 1:00 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 14:00:10-05

It can be a hectic time of year for holiday shoppers who tend to procrastinate. 

Christmas is just days away, and some are still searching for gifts. 

Earl Jackson was shopping for his daughters and grandchildren on Thursday morning at the Target store on Miller Park Way. 

"I always do this. I always leave my shopping until the end," he said with a smile. 

Jackson said waiting until the last minute to buy gifts often means he snags items at discounted prices. 

"I've always got to get a sale on things," Jackson said. 

Other shoppers, like Kathleen Mitich, said their Christmas shopping is finished but they were still browsing for last-minute purchases.

"Sometimes you have your gifts all wrapped and ready to go, but then you're hear and you see a present and think, 'oh my, that would be even better,'" she said. "So then you just have to buy the extra gift.

Other shoppers are browsing and buying online. 

At the Amazon Prime Now Hub on the city's South Side, workers are very busy. Amazon prime customers can order gifts and other products like groceries for delivery within one or two hours.

"We'll be delivering all the way up to almost Midnight on Christmas Eve," said Amazon spokesperson Julie Law.

"As soon as you order something, in mere minutes, someone in this facility is walking around and picking up your items," she added.