Sheriff David Clarke blasts Rep. Gwen Moore over DOJ jail investigation

Clarke: Moore's letter was politically motivated
Posted at 1:46 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 15:30:26-05
MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is blasting Rep. Gwen Moore's recent request for an independent investigation of the Milwaukee County Jail.
Moore wrote a letter to the US Department of Justice, calling the jail an "unsafe environment" for inmates and questioning Clarke's oversight. The DOJ responded that it will "carefully consider" the letter, "along with other information we may receive regarding the Milwaukee County Jail in order to determine whether a pattern or practice investigation may be necessary." 
In a post on the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page Thursday, Clarke accuses Moore of lying, making up a "fake news story," and attributed her interest in the case to his support of Donald Trump. 
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted Gwen Moore for lying and making up a fake news story about the US Department of Justice about to begin an investigation of the jail.
The USDOJ NEVER indicated that in their response to Moore's ghost-chasing, which is clearly nothing more than a political assault on the Sheriff for supporting and playing a key role in helping Donald J. Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.
Moore has been called one of the most irrelevant members of the House of Representatives. We can see why. This is the same goof that planted her rear-end down in the street blocking traffic and getting arrested for trying to force employers into increasing the minimum wage. Apparently minimum wage is all she thinks black people are worth.
How could ANYBODY take her seriously?
All the form letter response indicated was the criteria that had to exist before an investigation could begin. These form letters are a courtesy response to say that they got her letter.
The local TV media got suckered into making a fake news story out of it because they love when people attack the Sheriff whether the story is real or not. They did not contact anybody at the USDOJ to verify whether they are starting an investigation. WTMJ, WISN, FOX6 and CBS58 did not want to report facts, drama is more important to them.
None of these political attacks on the Sheriff started until AFTER Donald Trump won on Nov 8, 2016. None of them, including Moore, thought he would win and especially did not think he would win Wisconsin. Clarke did. Now for them it is payback time against Clarke.
After January 20, 2017, Sen. Jeff Sessions will become the new Attorney General of the US Department of Justice. He will take the partisan politics out of decision making at DOJ. The Sheriff looks forward to working with the NEW administration in Making America Great Again!
Moore would better serve her constituents by helping soon-to-be President Trump in bringing meaningful jobs to Milwaukee to put black people back to work. She spends too much time embracing criminals.
There have been four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail in six months. One of those was a newborn baby delivered by an inmate. 
There's no word on how long it will take the DOJ to make a decision.

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